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robot standing reading the humanitarian sector data using ai technology

Artificial Intelligence and the Humanitarian Sector

Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly and beginning to transform domains across society. As an emerging technology, AI holds substantial promise to augment humanitarian action and drive more anticipatory, data-driven approaches.  However, realizing AI’s benefits while avoiding potential harm requires navigating many uncertainties. This briefing note examines how the humanitarian sector can best leverage AI’s capabilities […]

Challenges of Using Technology for Humanitarian Aid

Challenges of Using Technology for Humanitarian Aid

Technology has completely transformed our daily lives, streamlining tasks and boosting efficiency. But in the kingdom of humanitarian aid, it has its hurdles.  As per a United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs report, In May 2011 just 40% of the world’s population can access the internet, establishing a clear digital gap between […]

How Technology Helps in Increasing Humanitarian Aid

How Technology Helps in Increasing Humanitarian Aid?

In 2015, when devastating earthquakes struck Nepal, relief teams faced immense challenges coordinating aid in remote mountain villages made inaccessible by landslides and rubble.  As aid flights continued, disaster management software optimised routing to reach the most people daily. This real-life example demonstrates how technology has transformed humanitarian response.  In fact, according to a report […]