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About ICS

ICS believe in the need for an innovative change in the humanitarian community, thus we focus on providing quality services for NGOs/crisis-affected communities by promoting innovation, AI and cutting-edge technologies.


Our mission is to provide superior information technology services for NGOs using cutting edge technologies and AI.


We provide a comprehensive range of fieldwork support in the whole countries of MENA region, including data collection, context analysis, capacity building and recruiting field teams.

ICT solutions

We develop intelligent ICT solutions for the NGOs, our main focus is: data collection tools, case management automation, procurement systems and human resources solutions.

Capacity Building

Our training and development work is driven by a commitment to support the civil society communities and people at the frontlines of development and relief.

Our ICT Products

Data Collection

Our data collection tool replaces the traditional XLSForms and provides you with powerful case management and reporting features. It’s designed to comply with data protection rules and lows.


Kasimaty is a smart e-voucher system that offers complete management for voucher distributions using NFC technology. It supports both online/offline operations.


Our HR system is specially designed to fulfil the needs of HR officers in any NGO. It has a lot of powerful features, including payroll and timesheets.


We have designed a modern web application that automates the procurement process in NGOs. The application is designed using cutting edge technologies.

Where We Work

We work with different partners and clients across the globe to provide communities/NGOs with innovative products and solutions.

ICS Partners

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