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The Preferred ICT service provider by NGOs.

ICS was founded in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey in 2019 and the UK in 2020, by a group of highly qualified technocrats, tech-savvy humanitarians and development experts, MEAL consultants and academics from different parts of the Arab region. We have teams and presence in all the Arab countries and all of us are dedicated to supporting humanitarian and development aid actors in their learning journey to respond to the current crises in the MENA region more effectively. Our services focus on improving assistance and quality of services for crisis-affected households, and our teams are committed and believe in the need for an innovative change in the humanitarian community, and our extensive field experiences and people-first approach are enabling us to support a multitude of humanitarian and development requirements. We are working to support local communities, civil society, NGOs, international agencies achieve their social, human, technology and infrastructure development. We do so through deliver innovative programme support in the field and conflict-affected countries, technology-driven solutions, translation services, in-field research, MEAL services and impact evaluations, designing customized guidance and inspiring training materials for key stakeholders in the humanitarian world. Additionally, innovatively and technically, we produce intelligent and powerful ICT products for the NGO community and committed to continuous advancement in our intellect and expertise and thus accomplishing our success through the pursuit of high performance and quality. Our variety of ICT & IT projects and services for local and international actors ranges from Charity Resource Planning System (CRPS), software development, MEAL systems, CRM and Feedback tech-tools, Enterprise Applications, to in-country workshop facilitation to research and technology evaluation. Across the Middle East region, ICS’s experts, members and in-country field team have proven experience in the humanitarian context and worked for different UN agencies and NGOs. Furthermore, the ICS team capable of delivering a professional level of services in data analysis and business intelligence. In each step of development, we use creative ideas, cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies. We believe that our highly skilled evaluation teams will be the ideal leaders for the proposed tender.

  • In-field and country-specific Humanitarian Support, MEAL and Research Services.
  • ICT Solutions & IT Services for NGO Sector.
  • Data collection Solutions.
  • Capacity Building for CSOs and NGOs.

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Our core values


Every member of our team is willing, able and driven to go the extra mile to guarantee client satisfaction and deliver promised results.


ICS team using the latest and greatest solutions, we won’t apply the same technology to every given challenge.


Improve methods of more effectively delivering the reliability, efficiency, and business continuity for our customers.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, work hard to exceed the expectations of users, uphold ourselves to higher standards and do our best with the limited resources available.


We are honest, responsible for our actions, reliable and trustworthy, deliver what we promise, always truthful and follow the college’s mission with utmost sincerity.


A commitment to be ethical, sincere and open in our dealings.

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