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Harnessing In-House Technology for Enhanced Humanitarian Impact


At ICS, we are aware of how critical efficient Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) are to the accomplishment and impact of humanitarian programmes. With the goal of revolutionising the way data is gathered, examined, and used in the humanitarian sector, we are committed to offering NGOs superior information technology services through our in-house technology solutions. Our in-house technology solutions include leveraging custom-made softwares and artificial intelligence. Through our range of services, including third-party monitoring, mid-term evaluation, and final evaluation, we strive to enhance the impact and effectiveness of humanitarian initiatives.

Our Mission

ICS mission is to equip NGOs and communities affected by crises with the skills and knowledge necessary to bring about long-lasting change. By utilising a novel approach to MEAL, we hope to close the information gap between data collection, analysis, and action, empowering organisations to take wise decisions and carry out worthwhile initiatives.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Data Collection in Humanitarian Contexts

Leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence, we are transforming the way data is collected and processed in the humanitarian community. Our professional team is committed to creating intelligent ICT solutions that simplify MEAL procedures, providing quicker, more accurate data collecting through innovative approaches such as chatbots and online surveys.

Addressing Red Flags and Complaints

At ICS MEAL, we understand the importance of addressing red flags and complaints during data collection in order to maintain quality and accountability. Through proactive training and ongoing support, we empower field staff to handle challenging situations, such as participant grievances or data inconsistencies, with professionalism and sensitivity. We also help organisations establish clear protocols and communication channels. This ensures that field teams have a standardised approach to address issues promptly and efficiently. By providing field teams with the necessary support, protocols, and feedback mechanisms, ICS MEAL helps organisations navigate and address red flags and complaints during data collection, fostering a culture of quality, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Third-Party Monitoring: Independent Insights for Greater Accountability

Transparency and accountability are the pillars of effective NGO operations. ICS specialises in third-party monitoring, providing independent insights into program effectiveness and impact. Our experienced team collects and analyses data objectively, offering valuable perspectives on project performance. With our rigorous evaluations, NGOs gain a comprehensive understanding of their initiatives, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and enhance accountability.

Mid-Term and Final Evaluations: Unveiling the True Impact

Evaluation is vital for understanding the impact of humanitarian projects. ICS MEAL conducts thorough mid-term and final evaluations, employing comprehensive methodologies and leveraging cutting-edge technology. By assessing project performance, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, and measuring outcomes, we help NGOs uncover the true impact of their initiatives. Our evaluations provide valuable insights that enable organisations to refine strategies and optimise their interventions.

Data Protection and Privacy: Your Trust is Our Priority

We understand the importance of data protection and privacy in the humanitarian sector. At ICS, we prioritise the protection of data in all our operations. To protect the privacy and confidentiality of all acquired data, we rigorously abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules. Our stringent data protection policies and procedures ensure against unauthorised access, security lapses, and abuse. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of ethical data management and respecting the rights and dignity of everyone who participates in data gathering.

We are devoted to encouraging creativity among those working in humanitarian aid. We make it easier for NGOs to adapt and deal with changing difficulties by encouraging the use of innovative technologies, AI, and data-driven strategies. Our team of specialists stays at the forefront of technological developments, constantly looking for ways to enhance MEAL procedures and increase the impact of humanitarian initiatives.

Partner with ICS MEAL

Get involved in our effort to use cutting-edge techniques to change the humanitarian environment. We urge you to join the ICS MEAL community whether you are an NGO trying to increase your influence, a community experiencing a crisis searching for support, or an individual driven to bring about change. Together, we can use knowledge and technology to help those in need have a better future.

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