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Unlocking the Power of Research for NGOs


At ICS, we understand the importance of research for NGOs in tackling challenging issues in development and humanitarian aid. We are committed to providing communities with research-based solutions that encourage positive change and improve outcomes.

ICS offers a wide variety of fieldwork support services in different parts of the world. NGOs and other organisations can get assistance from our knowledgeable teams at every stage of the data collection process. From survey design to implementation, data analysis, and reporting, we ensure accurate and reliable data that forms the basis for informed decision-making and project design.

In-Depth Context Analysis: A Foundation for Effective Programming

Effective programming involves knowledge of the local environment. At ICS, we do thorough context analyses to help nonprofit organisations better understand the social, cultural, and political factors that affect their work. Our team of experts offers comprehensive and context-specific analysis that enables organisations to come up with practical solutions thanks to our diverse academic backgrounds in social sciences, humanitarian aid, and development studies.

Tailored Theme Research for Informed Decision-Making

Along with supporting fieldwork, we provide theme research services that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of our clients. By utilising our expertise and broad network, we do in-depth research on a range of topics and places, including but not limited to education, health, livelihoods, gender, and conflict analysis. We are committed to creating insights that may be utilised to drive programmatic and policy activities, and our research is guided by strict methodologies.


The highest ethical and moral standards are upheld by ICS Research in all of our research undertakings. In the process of collecting, evaluating, and sharing data, we place a high importance on objectivity, diligence, and moral considerations. Our commitment to upholding these standards ensures that our customers will obtain dependable and reliable research outputs that can be used to support programmatic impact and evidence-based decision-making. To protect data security and privacy, we follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.

Expert Teams Navigating Challenging Environments

We recognise the need of assembling diverse, knowledgeable teams that can successfully navigate difficult environments. We give NGOs access to trained researchers, enumerators, and field coordinators who have the know-how to carry out research activities there and are familiar with the area.

Partner with ICS Research for a Sustainable Future

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