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GIVY - E Voucher System for NGOs

Empowerment, efficiency, and lasting impact – these are the cornerstones of Givy, the pioneering e voucher system for NGOs designed to fuel success worldwide. With our revolutionary technology, we are transforming the way humanitarian organisations deliver assistance, empowering positive change on a global scale.


Givy’s E-Voucher System is uniquely versatile, allowing NGOs to distribute various forms of assistance, including cash, food items, and non-food items. This adaptability ensures that the system meets the diverse needs of humanitarian organisations engaged in different types of aid programs.

Empowering Features for Lasting Impact:

Efficiency and User-Friendliness

Efficiency and user-friendliness are at the core of Givy’s E-Voucher System. We offer the perfect blend of usability and effectiveness to streamline aid delivery, empowering NGOs to deliver assistance seamlessly. With Givy, you can navigate with ease, eliminating unnecessary complications and bottlenecks in the process. We understand that time is of the essence in humanitarian work, and our system is tailored to make every second count.

Multi-Lingual Preface

Givy understands the importance of clear communication in humanitarian work. Our E-Voucher System breaks down linguistic barriers, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, you can connect with those in need. Givy’s multilingual interfaces in Arabic and English eliminate language obstacles, creating a truly connected aid experience for all.

Offline Support

Humanitarian work often takes us to remote and challenging environments. Givy’s offline functionality and local storage capacity ensure that you can work without boundaries. Unleash boundless productivity and sync your data upon reconnecting, optimising efficiency, and ensuring uninterrupted aid distribution. Your mission continues even when the internet doesn’t.

Security and Data Protection

The security and privacy of your data are paramount. Givy adheres to stringent GDPR guidelines, guaranteeing robust data protection for end-users. Givy takes proactive measures in encrypting beneficiaries’ data on the voucher cards. This encryption adheres to GDPR rules, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of data protection. 

Givy utilises GDPR-compliant technologies and secure data centres, providing an additional layer of assurance for the confidentiality and security of sensitive beneficiary information. We handle your valuable information with the utmost care, ensuring privacy and confidentiality throughout your operations. With Givy, you can focus on what matters most—helping those in need—knowing that your data is secure.

AI-Powered Technology

Say goodbye to complexities and hello to effortless navigation with Givy’s AI-powered chatbot. This intuitive chatbot simplifies the user experience, allowing beneficiaries to inquire about their remaining balance and other crucial transactions. With innovative AI technology, we’ve unlocked a new level of simplicity and ease to help you make the most significant impact possible.

Transparency and Accountability

Ensure transparency in your response program with conditional cash assistance. Givy allows you to track remaining item quantities and implement robust accountability mechanisms. By doing so, you can make sure that your resources are reaching those who need them most.

Enhanced Supplier Capacity

Empower local suppliers by involving them in the assistance delivery process. Givy App boosts their capacity to efficiently serve vulnerable households, even in emergency situations. By engaging local suppliers, we strengthen the very communities we aim to support, creating a more sustainable and impactful approach.

Real-time Balance Check

Beneficiaries can easily check their voucher balance and redeem it using a secure public URL, providing convenience and privacy. Givy ensures that the aid distribution process is user-friendly and respects the dignity of those you aim to help.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Access dynamic reports that provide essential insights into voucher usage, supplier performance, beneficiary engagement, and more. With Givy, you can make informed decisions and optimise your program’s effectiveness. Our system transforms data into actionable insights, giving you the power to refine your approach continually.

Need Assessment:

Empower clients with our intuitive Data Collection Designer, a tool designed to effortlessly create customised assessment forms. Clients can craft specific questions relevant to their aid objectives and assign weights to each question, reflecting the priority or significance of the information.

Once the assessment forms are designed, clients can seamlessly transition to the Scoring State. Here, a defined threshold becomes the key determinant for identifying the final distribution list. This threshold ensures that recipients meeting specific criteria, based on the weighted responses, are prioritised for assistance.

Givy’s Need Assessment feature goes beyond generic aid programs by enabling clients to fine-tune their distribution strategy. By utilising the scoring mechanism, clients can ensure that aid reaches those who need it the most, aligning with their specific criteria and priorities.

The scoring system facilitates efficient decision-making, allowing clients to focus resources on individuals or communities with the highest assessed needs.

Custom Reporting Tool for Informed Decision-Making:

In addition to our powerful features, Givy offers a custom reporting tool that empowers clients to build any report or dashboard. This tool provides dynamic insights into voucher usage, supplier performance, beneficiary engagement, and more. Givy’s system transforms data into actionable insights, giving you the power to refine your approach continually. With our custom reporting tool, make informed decisions and optimise your program’s effectiveness with ease.

Making a Real Difference

Givy’s E-Voucher System has already touched the lives of over 70,000 individuals and is currently driving forward 30+ projects with more than 500,000 transactions of goodwill, totaling over $40 million in support. We are proud to be a part of the positive change we bring to the world.

Join Givy and Empower Lives

Step into the future of aid programs with Givy, the driving force behind transformative e-voucher systems. Together, we can create a world where assistance is readily available to those in need, empowering positive change and transforming lives. Join us on this remarkable journey and be a part of the Givy revolution today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a project is completed, the data stored in the Givy App is treated with the utmost care and in compliance with the data protection policy, including GDPR regulations. Our system ensures that project data is securely managed and protected throughout its lifecycle. It is recommended to review these policies to understand how the system manages and handles project data, including any procedures for data deletion, storage, or anonymization.

Absolutely! The Givy App is designed with multilingual interfaces to cater to a diverse user base. We understand the importance of breaking language barriers and ensuring seamless communication. That’s why our app offers interfaces in both Arabic and English languages, empowering users to interact with the app effortlessly and effectively.

QR codes are visual codes that can be scanned using a camera or barcode scanner, while NFC (Near Field Communication) allows for contactless communication between devices in close proximity.

With its offline support feature, the system allows users to access and use the application even without an internet connection. For instance, suppliers can continue recording transactions and gathering beneficiary data offline. Once online, the system automatically synchronise the offline data, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

ICS is committed to providing exceptional support to our clients throughout their journey with the e-voucher system. Our dedicated support team is available to address any questions, concerns, or technical issues that clients may encounter. We offer comprehensive training and onboarding sessions to ensure clients are well-equipped to utilise the system’s features effectively.

The e-voucher system incorporates cutting-edge chatbot technology to strengthen accountability in aid delivery. By utilising the chatbot, the system ensures that all interactions with beneficiaries and suppliers are well-documented and transparent. The chatbot serves as a reliable and consistent guide throughout the process, collecting accurate information and recording transaction details.

The Top-Up process involves creating and updating top-up requests at the briefcase level. It includes specifying the start and end dates, round numbers, and determining the beneficiaries’ groups eligible for the top-up. The approval cycle for Top-Ups typically follows a dynamic workflow where draft top-ups are reviewed and approved by designated project managers or officers before they are implemented. This ensures proper oversight and control over the allocation of resources.


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