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Empowering Changemakers at the Frontlines of Development and Relief

Empowering Changemakers at the Frontlines of Development and Relief


At ICS, we are adamant that empowering people and organisations with the appropriate knowledge and skills is essential to promoting sustainable development and providing efficient humanitarian aid. Our capacity building initiatives are intended to assist the communities and members of the civil society who hustle diligently on the front lines of aid and development activities. We seek to cultivate a capable and dedicated workforce that upholds core standards and has a long-lasting impact on recipients’ lives through our extensive training and development activities.

Focused Capacity Building


We understand that giving local communities the tools they need to handle their own problems is the greatest way to assist beneficiaries. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area is the focus of our capacity-building programmes, which take advantage of the insider viewpoints and in-depth knowledge of the regional contexts of our bilingual staff. We guarantee that participants can successfully apply their learning to their job on the ground by providing training that is pertinent, interesting, and culturally appropriate.

Practical Insights for Effective On-the-Ground Work


The capacity building programmes we provide benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge of our trainers. They can talk from a position of compassion and empathy since they have firsthand experience working in demanding and hazardous environments. Our instructors offer participants insightful information, relevant examples from real life, and useful skills that may be immediately applied to their day-to-day jobs by drawing on their practical experience. We provide an engaging learning environment that promotes active involvement and knowledge exchange through interactive and participatory training approaches.

Tailored Training for Diverse Needs


A variety of thorough training programmes are provided by ICS Capacity Building, each of which is customised to meet the unique demands and requirements of our clients. Project management, monitoring and evaluation, humanitarian principles and standards, social inclusion and gender equality, conflict sensitivity, advocacy, and many more themes are all included in our programmes. We collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their particular difficulties and provide tailored training programmes that meet their requirements.

Localization at the Center


We specialise in elevating the capacity of civil society organisations and community-based organisations across various components, including project management, finance, procurement, and other vital areas. We firmly believe in the principle of localization, placing it at the heart of the future of humanitarian efforts. By strengthening the capacities of local organisations, we aim to create a more inclusive and sustainable humanitarian landscape, where local actors play a pivotal role in driving positive change.

Organisation Capacity Assessment (OCA): Evaluating Strengths and Areas for Growth


ICS recognizes the importance of assessing an organisation’s existing capacity to effectively respond to challenges. Through Organisation Capacity Assessment (OCA), we conduct thorough evaluations to identify strengths and areas for improvement within NGOs and civil society organisations. By assessing areas such as governance, financial management, program implementation, and human resources, we provide a comprehensive picture of an organisation’s capacity.

Organisation Capacity Development (OCD): Empowering Organizations for Sustainable Growth


Building upon the findings from OCA, ICS offers tailored Organization Capacity Development (OCD) programs. Our OCD initiatives aim to strengthen the identified areas of improvement through targeted training, mentorship, and strategic guidance. We collaborate closely with organisations to design and implement capacity-building strategies that foster sustainable growth, enhance organisational efficiency, and maximise impact.

By combining our expertise in capacity assessment and development, ICS supports organisations in their journey towards becoming more resilient, responsive, and effective agents of change.

Upholding Standards for Lasting Impact and Responsiveness


At ICS, accountability and quality are the cornerstones of our programmes for growing capacity. We are dedicated to respecting professional norms and making sure that our training programmes adhere to the strictest standards of excellence. Our programmes are meant to improve participants’ knowledge and abilities while fostering a sense of accountability and duty towards their jobs and the communities they serve. To ensure that our programmes are still applicable, useful, and in line with the changing needs of the industry, we regularly review and enhance our training approaches.

Partnership for Progress: Accessing a Network of Professionals and Extensive Expertise


Partnering with ICS Capacity Building gives you access to a network of professionals committed to assisting your organisation’s capacity building efforts as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you represent a government agency, non-profit, or community-based organisation, we want to partner with you to promote good change and develop a workforce that is capable of overcoming difficult obstacles. Let’s work together to support change agents and build inclusive, resilient, and sustainable communities.

To learn more about how our programmes for building capacity can help your organisation achieve its goals and ensure its long-term success, get in touch with us right away.

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